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At Designer Nail And Beauty we stock and distribute a wide range of beauty products and accessories that are a must have for any salon. From uv/led and air dry top coats to nail art, find all you need on … Continued

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With our wide range of beauty products and accessories you will find everything that your salon needs. From makeup palettes all the way to sanitizers, salt scrubs and much more. Contact us today for any more information, or place your … Continued

Know all your Massage oils and their uses.

Massage oils should have certain properties which make them suitable to be used during a massage. We have carrier oils including almond oil, grapeseed oil and masseur art. You can add your own essential oils from the wide range we … Continued

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Massage creams have superior moisturizing properties for your skin. The dense texture of creams, along with their skin-softening oils, make them ideal for general use with most massage techniques. Since creams blend well with essential oils, they are a good … Continued